There are various kinds of scholarships available in India. These fellowships in India are offered at varied at different levels of study such as graduate level, doctorate level postgraduate level, or post doctorate level in diverse streams of study. Majority of these scholarships, doctoral fellowships, and postdoctoral fellowships are meant for the needy and commendable students so that they do not discontinue education for the financial hardships.  Some of these scholarships are intended to encourage students for pursuing research and some are meant for promoting cultural interaction between students across various countries. Both the government and the private organizations offered these fellowships in India. Most of the scholarships in India are designed only for Indian students; however there are some institutes that provide fellowships to the foreign scholars.

If you are looking for pursuing higher studies then you need not depend on availing loans for that. In addition to the educational loans, the monetary aid is available to students in form of Scholarships and Endowments. Scholarships are a great source of help that allows the deserving students to pursue higher education in their area of interest. The necessary monetary assistance is provided in form of course fee and book grants. These scholarships may be funded by Individual Trusts, Institutions of Higher Learning like Universities Government Institutions, by Corporate Houses, by Missionaries and Charitable Trusts.

The students need to fulfil the eligibility criteria prescribed by the concerned organizations or institutions that offer scholarships. The eligibility criteria decided by institutions for awarding the scholarships is related to the minimum and maximum age limit of applicants, the academic ability, research work carried out in that field, exceptional interest in a particular field, etc. There are various fields of studies where the Scholarships are available such as Engineering, Medicine, Law, Arts, Humanities, Science, Sports, Fine Arts and various other fields.  Usually, you need to a meritorious student for availing these scholarships.